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Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. Since 1954, Japan


"An invaluable contribution to the development of the advertising field."

Energizing Japan and Asia with marketing communications. Advertisement is the force that drives companies and local governments.

Since 1954, Sendenkaigi has been the leading publisher of marketing communications magazines and books, and the pioneering educator in the industry.


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Our Network

On our 60th anniversary, we wish to thank all those who have helped and supported us over the years. We have forged strong relationships in the advertising industry, as well as with local SMEs, government offices, and municipalities.

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Our Historial Articles

Sendenkaigi Articles

We asked Chairman Terry Savage:
"Why the Term "Advertising" Was Removed from the Cannes Festival Title."

The Voice of WPP's Martin Sorrell:
"The New Wave of the Advertising Industry Achieved through Strategic Regionalization and Technology."

Our Network

Our Network

Our Network


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